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Manage Course Bundles

Staff can build bundles of coursework that represent common transfer scenarios for their school and others and reference them when advising.

Useful Feedback

Grow your transfer articulation intelligently. Powerful reports identify student coursework for which you have not yet established equivalencies.

More than Courses

Transferology also promotes articulations for military occupations and courses, advanced placement courses, and college level exams.

Joining the Transferology network is quick and straightforward.

Equivalencies stored in TES®, uAchieve®, or DARwin® will appear automatically in Transferology, but any school can participate, regardless of student information system, through equivalency imports.

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Are you looking for ways to promote your transfer friendliness and grow your equivalency database? Transferology may be the answer! It’s easy to become a member of our national transfer network. Let us know how we can help.

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